The Clones of Bruce Lee (1980)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2018-09-20
Summary: Three Lees for the price of one...
Clones of Bruce Lee is probably the most ambitious of the Brucesploitation films, gathering three Bruce impersonators, including two of the most well known, in the same movie and letting them have at it. The film opens with the death of Bruce Lee. In the hospital, the SBI (Special Bureau of Investigations) has a professor draw a vial of blood from Lee and then use it to create clones that can be used for special missions. Professor Lucas has other plans though, and programs the clones to only obey his commands. The SBI initially used Bruce Lee 1 (Dragon Lee) to kill a gold smuggling movie producer and then ships Bruce Lee 2 and 3 off to Thailiand to kill a drug running doctor. Once those missions were done, the Professor decides to have all three Bruces fight each other, trying to determine which is the ultimate Bruce Lee.

The movie itself is everything you’d expect from a Brucesploitation mess, with terrible acting and subpar choreography. You even get a ridiculous scene on the beaches of Thailand where a bevy of fully nude girls dance, then chase down and pigpile a lucky guy, who for some reason seems to be terrified. The one other positive is you do get some of the only on-screen fights between legendary actors, such as Dragon Lee vs Bolo, Dragon Lee vs Bruce Le, and Bruce Le vs Kong Do. Many of these scenes have been taken and placed in other Brucesploitation films to falsely advertise the actors’ involvement. The fights aren’t spectacular, but they are notable nonetheless. Definitely worth a watch to witness the legendary cast, but don’t expect anything that great… its a typical Bruce Lee rip off film but with triple the amount of Bruces.
Reviewer Score: 6