Blood Child (1982)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2018-10-04
Summary: Nice action but nasty characters and not enough Hwang...
Rival schools are at it again, this time with Master Fung (Kwan Yung-moon) trading insults with Mr. Lung (Chu Tit-wo) and then using dirty tactics with the local government official to ruin his security business. Fung then goes so far as to rape Lung’s daughter and murder his son Chan (Yuen Miu). Chan is able to survive, and goes to get the help of Wong Hung (Hwang Jang-lee), an old adversary of Fung.

Blood Child aka Five Fingers of Steel is a pretty dark tale, the title referring to a malformed baby born out of a rape and subsequently murdered by the father. There is a lot of nasty characters and innocents being murdered or maimed. The choreography and fighting is quite good at the beginning especially from Yuen Miu (one of the seven little fortunes), who brings speed and nice shapes to the mix. By the end though, the Korean-style kicking action is dominant, as would be expected with Kwan Yung-moon and Hwang Jang-lee battling it out. Surprisingly though, Lee only really appears in the final segment of the film, so him receiving top billing is inaccurate. Worth a watch for nice kicking action and some pretty kung fu, but for the most part a downer plot-wise and nothing that really sets it apart from others.

Reviewer Score: 6