The Street Car Named Desire (1993)
Reviewed by: Gaijin84 on 2018-10-24
Summary: Just when I thought I was out...
Longtime Cat III star Lawrence Ng plays Ni, a former triad member who has recently been released from jail after being convicted of murdering his girlfriend. It turns out he was set up, but time being served, he tries to remain on the straight and narrow, within reason. Owing some money to another triad member from before he was incarcerated, Ni agrees to escort two mainland Chinese to Hong Kong with fake passes. While in China though, and after numerous issues, Ni witnesses one of the illegals (Grace Wong) kill the other, and he decides to get her back to Hong Kong as soon as possible. Once home, Ni runs into a girl that he had met in a bar on the mainland, and they begin to date. Unfortunately, she is the former girlfriend of one of the most feared Triad leaders in Hong Kong, and Ni must decide if she is worth the cost. No one is who they seem, as Chang Ling (Grace Wong) reveals herself to be a mainland cop, sent to Hong Kong to take down the same Triad leader.

The Street Car Named Desire, and odd name considering it has almost nothing to do with the original play, is a decent movie, but doesn’t really get going until the final 20 minutes or so. It starts out as a drama, with Ng wrestling with guilt over the death of his girlfriend and his desire to not be associated with the triads who have essentially ruined his life. It then shifts into a sort of thriller with Bonnie Fu playing the part of a temptress who has hidden motivations within the relationship with Ng. Finally, it turns into an old school 90s Hong Kong actioner, with Grace Wong and Tommy Wong taking on a warehouse full of thugs with feet and fists flying and handguns blazing. The film is full of plot holes and short on character development, but entertaining nonetheless. Lawrence Ng has never been a great actor, so his effort is underwhelming. The real star is Grace Wong who, even after being dressed in skimpy, damp tank tops, manages to kick a ton of butt in her scenes.
Reviewer Score: 7