Blue Gate Crossing (2002)
Reviewed by: ororama on 2019-02-19
Blue Gate Crossing is a charming, low key take on high school romance in contemporary Taipei. Yuezhen (Liang Shu-hui) pushes her best friend Kerou (Kwei Lun-mei) to act as go-between to arrange a date with Shihao, (Chen Bo-lin), a popular boy who she has a crush on. Shihao concludes that Yuezhen does not exist and that Kerou is trying to arrange a date for herself when Yuezhen does not appear, and his interest in Kerou increases as she resists his approaches and denies interest in him. This confused situation results in increasing awkwardness for the three students for expected and unexpected reasons, and causes them to reflect on who they are and who they will become.

Writer director Yee Chih-yen and the three young lead actors create complex characters whose motivations and actions seem believable rather than dictated to advance a thesis. The movie paints a realistic portrait of young people exploring their identities and options in a changing society.