Lethal Panther (1991)
Reviewed by: calros on 2019-03-28
Summary: Decent Girls with Guns movie
Godfrey Ho imitates John Woo's style, he does it almost as well as he does.
Sibelle plays an expeditious CIA agent who investigates the Lam Chung's mafia family installed in the Philippines and his heirs Lawrence Ng and Lee Chun-Wa, who want to kill each other. So they hire two hit women, Yoko Miyamoto and Maria Yuen to do the dirty work. Their boyfriends, Ken Lo and Mak Wai-Cheung are also hired assassins, and their bosses are Alex Fong and Wong Wan-Choi... who also want to kill each other, of course. All will end up shooting each other and only one will survive the killing to end up in prison.
Good action scenes, weapons and martial arts, tons of sex scenes and some fun moments, like the death of Lawrence Ng.
Reviewer Score: 6