The Greatest Thai Boxing (1974)
Reviewed by: heinz Germany on 2020-04-15
Summary: Sure not the "Greatest" Thai Boxing movie
Once again actors Fang Yeh (Fong Yau) and San Kuai team up. They made 10 movies together from 1972-1974 (alltogether even 19), nearly everytime as "Villainious Twins". But not this time: Fang Yeh plays the Hero and to for this he even shaved off his trademark-beard, which makes him look less evil. San Kuai on the other side delivers his typical insane villain image...

The action is mostly thai boxing contest, but very poor executed IMO, but what do You except when Fang Yeh (who often plays a kicking "expert", who actually has no special skill though)
and San Kuai are 2 of the 4 (!) action-directors? Seems there was not enough money for a real action director, so the 4 "stars" took over the responsibility themselves... The whole movie is very poor and there is only one other familiar face Chin Ti (Bruce Lee fans remember him).

Fang Yeh must have strong ties with Thailand, playing Thai Boxers and Wizzards several times
and many of his late movies played in Thailand, mazbe this was the reason to make that movie.

Director Hsu Tseng-Hung has been a regular Shaw Brothers swordplay-movie director before. In the late 60s he made 10 of them and directed 2 others for Golden Harvest starring Wang Yu.
But this is his worst effort so far and a downfall in his career.

Only interesting for "hardcore-fans", for good thai boxing better watch: "The King of Boxers" (1972) and "Duel of Fists" (1971) which are quite well in comperision
Reviewer Score: 2