Shadow Girl (1971)
Reviewed by: heinz Germany on 2020-05-09
Summary: Silly movie with some disturbing hard scenes
Watched it again after 20 years and actually I realized I forgotten completly most of the whole movie with the exeption of the final "fight" scenes, which "offer" some very cruel special-effects makeup-effects. (I even hasitate to upload some screenshots of them), which totally change the mood of the movie from light-hearted comedy-style to a gruesome blood-letting slautering of some villains.
It must have been to compensate for the very poor fighting-action (it did have a fighting director even).

The two final villains (The Two Ancients) steal completly the show with their mission to take revenge for the loss of both legs and eye(-balls) many years ago (the first unprepared shock-moments in a flashback-scene, which does not spare the audience, even after changed in black & white in the new remasterd version). They spent many years to develop some super-natural skills to become a deadly duo.

It's hard to make a proper score, but for the two ancients (hermit killers) which performed memorable
I add some bonus-points - if I watch it again (because now it will soon be online in HD I suppose) I should jump to the Flashback and the final to avoid falling asleep from feeling bored...
Reviewer Score: 5