The Blind-Swordsman's Revenge (1972)
Reviewed by: heinz Germany on 2020-05-09
Summary: Should be remastered
Wow - what a great movie for genre-fans: Zatoichi-Tale mixed with Chinese Swordplay and even has the notorious Flying Guillotine! The actor playing Zatoichi makes a great job using all the originals trademarks and the second Hero does a good job, too. Still it has the bastardly Chen Hung-Lie who slains a whole class of swordman-students to force a duel with the hero. And which movie can efford to loose such heavies as Tien Yeh and Yi Yuen beeing killed in action only after 15 minutes? And can somebody imagine how blind Zatoichi escapes the blades of the Guillotine already around his neck in last second,
even when the killer is ready to pull it's chain to cut his head off? I would love to see it in remastered quality!!
Reviewer Score: 8