The Comet Strikes (1971)
Reviewed by: heinz Germany on 2020-05-26
Summary: Sorry - I Can't stand Lo Wei's dominant fighting role
Once again Lou Wei couldn't resist to pose as a terrific fighter and thus degrade all his actors nearly to Extras in his fight szenes. But - Come on, my dear fellow! I can tell since watching all those many "Drunken Master" movies with the late Simon Yuen Hsiao-Tien, when through clever camera-angle (filming the fighter not facing the camera in fight scenes) and editing (frequently insert face close-up) make some cumbersome actors appear as agile fighters. This time Lo Wei seemingly takes on five heroes in the final fight, who after some sacrifice finally overcome him... I pity all those poor actors!

Lo Wei introduced Nora Miao as a female fighting actress 1971 within four swordplay movies,
(and 'paired' her with Patrick Tse Yin in all those) before relegating her to "Decoration" for his next new star Bruce Lee very soon. Sweet and cute she was always kind of miss-cast in those swordplay movies, lacking credibility as a fightress like next Golden Harvest star Angela Mao.(Another Lo Wei minion is missing here: James Tien Jun, who appeares in nearly 20 of Lo Wei's movies 1969-1979)

Having Chan Siu-Pang as fighting instructor (he brought along his pals Yeung Wei, Jason Pai Piao,
Chen Kuan-Tai - whose talents are completly wasted here) Lo Wei could probably not rely on the
support of the similar shaped Sammo Hung as a fighting double, who worked with Han Ying-Chieh
for Lo Wei before in "The Invincible Eight" (1971). Maybe experienced veteran actor Chow Siu-Loi was in demand as double for him..

With less Lo Wei self-presentation it would have been more enjoyable entertainment for me..

Reviewer Score: 6