The Untold Story (1993)
Reviewed by: leh on 1999-12-09
The film that started the "true crime"-craze, a genre where you dig up some suitably grisly murder case, recreate it in loving detail, and show how the police torture the killer until he confesses. Alternatively, you can have lots of court-room scenes where a jury tries to decide whether the killer is guilty or not, which is a good excuse to show the murders several times from different angels. This one has Wong playing a restaurant chef who makes very special dumplings - he uses the meat of people he dislikes! Lee plays the head of the apparently quite incompetent Macau police department (they even eat the dumplings at one point!) After lots of bumbling around, Lee and his boys (and girl) capture Wong and subject him to torture until he confesses. It's a good horror movie, but it's extremely violent. Anthony Wong won an Asian movie award for his impressive portrayal of the most unpleasant chef in movie history.