Girls Unbutton (1994)
Reviewed by: STSH on 1999-12-18
Summary: Mostly pleasant nudie fun
Loletta Lee is back, with a formula similar to Crazy Love. But there are differences. For one, the story here has darker elements (e.g. her first new lover is killed immediately after they have sex). For another, there is more nudity, and far more full frontal. And there's an excellent balance between glamour nudity, "natural" nudity (e.g. changing clothes, getting out of bed), and comic nudity - watch as David's sister loses one article of clothing after another through clumsiness. A sort of striptease by accident. Also, Lo has a couple of girlfriends to bounce ideas off, rather than use internal narration. Lastly, there are quite a few scene where Lo and Co are presented nude for no stated reason.
And while I found the tone darker than the bright and cheerful Crazy Love, I felt Girls Unbutton (incidentally, I didn't see any unbuttoning) was a more entertaining flick.
Not a great film, but worth a look. Or is that a leer ?
Reviewer Score: 8