From Riches to Rags (1980)
Reviewed by: Darryl on 1999-12-21
Lovelorn Hui obsesses over a Golden Harvest starlet while whilingaway his time in a bottling plant with his pal (Johnny Koo) who is constantly eating. On a whim he bets on the ponies and wins big, but is informed he has a disease and will die soon. Hui spends big, discovers true love through a constantly-spurned female friend, hires a bunch of wackos to kill him, only to discover he isn't going to die! Koo falls for a mysterious woman who lures both he and Hui into a looney bin where they are forced to endure attempts on their lives, the assassins, and various other cinematic in-jokes. Woo's humor works well here, and Hui, like brother Michael, is a comic master. The end turns sadistic with a DEER-HUNTER inspired scene, but if I could understand Chinese better, perhaps it wasn't as vicious as it seemed. Thoroughly enjoyable and Samuel Hui sings the catchy theme song. Watch for a plethora of cinematic in-jokes.
Reviewer Score: 8