Lucky Stars Go Places (1986)
Reviewed by: Darryl on 1999-12-21
Hilarious attempt at reviviing the Fuk Sing with a new cast. It works, but one cannot get over the promising title that implies a teaming of the ACES GO PLACES and LUCKY STAR series, but only feature the original Fuk Sing in a cameo and Karl Maka and Sylvia Chang (as well as Hung) are predominately featured in side bits. This time out Inspector Tso (Cho Tat Hwa) calls upon Kidstuff Choi (Hung) to get the gang back together to bust a Japanese arms dealer. Never one to fail, Choi asks the boys but they're too busy preparing to rob a bank! Hung ends up recruiting the RHKP's finest clods and assigns them a cute Eurasian trainer (with whom the new stars, in tradition with the old, try to score with). Most of the bits with Hung and off-screen pal Maka are brutal but hilarious, with Hung turning out to be an old flame of Chang's and Maka (as "Albert") does his jealous best to keep the two apart, going as far as forcing Samo to play Russian roulette! Energetic and quite good, the HK audience had moved on and the series was dropped by Golden Harvest. Too bad, the new crew were quite good, but had shoes to fill that were too big...
Reviewer Score: 8