Touch and Go (1991)
Reviewed by: Darryl on 1999-12-21
Something of a letdown from Ringo Lam, but that doesn't mean TOUCH& GO isn't good. If you ignore Lam's name the film plays like a decent comedy, with rough-edged action thrown in to tie the parts together. Samo is quite good here, but not used to his best ability (as a dramatic lead or bruiser). Here he's a gentle nobody who has the goods on maniac Tommy Wong (who's better in the good-guy role rather than in this Roy Cheung Yiu Yeung persona). The police protect him and soon the maniac's ex turns on him, and the cops, Samo and the ex uncover corruption and dodge the maniac, until, a pre FULL CONTACT brutal confrontation occurs. The romantic possibilities between Hung and Mo are tossed half-way through the pic and Lam's approach is workmanlike at best. A curiosity piece, and a movie cheaper than it really was - an inversed Hong Kong "A" picture gone "B."
Reviewer Score: 7