Ghost Punting (1992)
Reviewed by: Darryl on 1999-12-21
The Fuk Sing (Lucky Stars) are back, and after a four year hiatus (from LUCKY STARS TRIAD SOCIETY) are back to form, this time taking on the ghost genre. With a subtle riff on the hung vehicle WHERE'S OFFICER TUBA the boys are bewitched by the ghost of Natalis Chan after their vacation on Lantau Island brings them to a haunted villa. The boys are up to their lacivious ways, this time a lot of the jokes point out their noticable age, and it feels as though the team are having fun. Hung appears only in a 1/4 of the film, but he's never wasted. Of course the boys go after the drug runner who had Chan murdered in a brief (but brutal) battle royale. Great cat fights (that border on the deliciously exploitive) and some quirky performances help.
Reviewer Score: 8