The Christ of Nanjing (1995)
Reviewed by: Darryl on 1999-12-21
I think the film, much like Tony Au Ting Ping's body of work, is about love and its tribulations. I believe the source for this was literary, but I am not sure. It is beautifully photogrpahed, co-prodeced with Amuse Entertainment, Japan and Golden Harvest, Hong Kong. The acting is fine (the youg love interest is phenomenal) and the film mixes sensuous, erotic imagery with profound tragedy. The end is a little rushed, but I would say that this is one of the most mature HK films from the past couple of years and that because of its erotic nature might bring in viewers who know Tony Leung Kar Fei from Jean-Jacques Annaud's THE LOVERS. Go for it!.
Reviewer Score: 8