Wing Chun (1994)
Reviewed by: STSH on 1999-12-26
Summary: Great performances
Yuen King Tan is near her wacky best as the loudmouthed and hot-tempered maiden aunt, and it's great to see her onscreen for more than just a short cameo. Waise Lee hilariously plays against type as the wimpy Scholar Wong who woos the lovely young widow (the Maggie Cheung-lookalike Catherine Hung). Norman Chu is a most cheerful villain, who even finds it hilarious when his brother(or comrade ?) has his dick burned off, and he's terrific as Michelle's near-nemesis with tricks galore, including the "cotton belly".

But it's the great Michelle's show all the way and her early training as a dancer shows, especially when she does mouth-gaping tricks such as standing on one leg with the other pointed straight up and holding a tray. Personally, I think the mannish look suits Michelle quite well, and she plays up to it nicely. Not unusually for HK, the plot is highly male-chauvinist - Michelle must marry to improve her powers to defeat the villain, YuenKT becomes much sweeter when she marries. And while it's true that no character dies of fu fighting here, any two of the serious blows they took would have been fatal in real life. Doesn't matter, though. It's still great light fun, and a definite must-see.
Reviewer Score: 9