Saviour of the Soul (1991)
Reviewed by: STSH on 1999-12-28
Summary: Nowhere near as good as the other reviews indicate
Better than The Heroic Trio ? No way ! Not even close. SOTS divides into two fairly clear portions - the first fifty minutes (which contains three pretty good fighting/stunt scenes, but otherwise is a meandering and dreary muddle), and the remaining 40 minutes or so (which is great flying/stunt stuff). Aaron Kwok makes all the difference here. He appears only in the action sequences, and his appearances seem to awaken the other actors from a dreary slumber. There is only one fight sequence where he doesn't appear (when Andy woos Madam of Pets by mistake), and this one is great as well. Of the non-action sequences, it's hard to see why they go on for so LONG, when they contribute so little to the story. And Anita Mui's antics as her own twin sister are as utterly stupid as they are unfunny.
Yes, I recommend this movie, but fast- forward through most of the first half and only jump back to normal speed when Aaron Kwok appears.
Reviewer Score: 4