Slave of the Sword (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 1999-12-29
Summary: Surreal mixture of period costume swordplay and sex'n'skin
It's very difficult to find sense in the plot, but there are certainly many layers of revenge, relating to children being sold into the service of the court.
Not that there's an excess of script. Not at all. In fact, great chunks of the movie have no dialogue at all. The technical qualities of this film rate pretty high. Lush photography, great soundtrack and sound design, and a surreal look, similar to the great Chinese Ghost Story series. Unfortunately, the result is simply dull and confusing. True, there are a couple of great swordfighting set pieces, and the nude scenes are quite pleasant. But it all floats around like a cloud, and is just as hard to catch.
Reviewer Score: 3