Sex For Sale (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 1999-12-29
Poorly-chosen title.
There are vague references to trafficking women into HK for prostitution, but the story is mostly cops'n'robbers with drug traffickers, lots of shooting and gore and a few great kung fu set-pieces and, of course, the obligatory climactic showdown in a building site. A few sex/nude scenes are spliced in at random. All except one near the end, which is pretty long and rather good, are quite cruel. The version I saw of this film ran just on 60 minutes, and it had certainly suffered a couple of major cuts.
In a large ensemble cast, Pauline plays the fairly minor part of (the always fully-clothed !) Inspector Pauline Chen in what is really an extended cameo, where she does a couple of great fu fighting scenes, one where she alone demolishes a gang of bikies who just trashed her car (with a grenade, while she was in it). Sharon plays Sharon (spelt "Shanon"), a part just as small and unexposed, as a mainland cop married to a police captain.
Sharon visits HK to accuse her retired uncle Tsang of being a drug boss. Tsang then has her kidnapped with a consignment of women from China. When things start going wrong for Tsang, one of his girls comforts him with the advice "keep cool to avoid enlarging". Ho Ka Kui puts in a couple of appearances as a HK police superintendent, and I think he said Pauline and Sharon were sisters. There's lots of harsh jump-cutting, not a lot of sense to the plot, and an unusually large number of big-breasted women getting naked, including the luscious Suen Toh.
Overall : Not great and a bit gory, but far from dull ! Lukewarm recommendation.
Reviewer Score: 6