1/3 Lover (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 1999-12-29
Summary: Tour-de-force for Rena M
Very enjoyable and slightly kinky take on Body Heat.
A great porn cheapie vehicle for one of Asia's best undressed.

There are several more sex scenes, which are energetic and fun, and mostly filmed outdoors. The lovely Rena, May and the junior maid all have great figures and spend gloriously ample amounts of time sans clothing, as does Wai. There's also group voyeurism, bondage, toe-f***ing and panty-sniffing.

This is one of the very best HK porn cheapies (up there with Madam Q, Power Of Love and Unforgetful Holiday), especially if you've seen Rena in more minor parts (e.g. Sex & Zen, Escape From Brothel) and hanker to see her in a major role. She even manages to act a bit ..... But don't let that distract you !
A great flick to watch with someone you fancy.
Reviewer Score: 8