Crazy Love (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 1999-12-29
Summary: Loletta Lee's crossover-to-Cat III picture
The only hint of violence is when Lo is nearly raped by a couple of guys who give her a ride, and she outwits them, as she does everyone else in the film.
It does start promisingly, with one of the great (though very short) shower scenes.
Why the director didn't string that scene out for another five minutes is beyond me.
Anyway, Lo flashes her breasts quite a lot, and is discreetly nude during a couple of sex scenes, but you have to wait till the very end to see her full fontals again, and the scene is merely a repeat of the beginning.
The bright, bouncy pseudo-Spanish soundtrack gives much of the film a feel-good sort of spin, and this just manages to lift the film to worth-watching status.
Reviewer Score: 6