My Wife's Lover (1992)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-01-02
Summary: P G P
The look of this film is a refreshing change from porn cheapies, and is pleasing to the eye, especially, the sex/nude scenes, with lots of exposed skin in close up, and very sensual as well. There's even variety in this department, with at least six actors getting all their gear off. And France is everywhere in this film. Paris gets into many conversations, as does Matisse, and Monet and Marie Claire make it into the frame too. The pace is a bit slow at times, and some of the non-sex scenes drag on too long (tighter editing would have paid dividends). However, that's a minor problem, easily remedied by the fast-forward button.
Overall, I'd call this PGP - Pretty Good Porn.
Reviewer Score: 7