My Better Half (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-01-10
Summary: Not your average b-grade porn
Puzzling. A film with the look of an A-grade production (gorgeous photography and colour) made with B-grade actors.
His flick has a few problems, and I can certainly see why Steve (first reviewer) found it confusing. There are three separate stories, which are separated by a title plate, which are NOT TRANSLATED GGGRRRRRRRR. The fact that one actress (Yue Chi Wai) appears in the first two stories gives the impression that the stories are supposed to be connected.
But a bigger problem is the dull pacing. The first story drags on and on, even making the lush sex scenes dull. Tsk tsk. Story two picks up the pace a bit, and story three is not half bad, if in a rather gruesome sense.
There are a few scattered nude scenes (some quite long) in the first story, brief nudity in the second, and lots in the third.
I have no particular reason to recommend this film, expect to say it is far from the average Cat III timewaster.
Reviewer Score: 4