Deadly Angels (1977)
Reviewed by: student on 2000-01-11
Deadly Angels was a good movie. Actress Shaw Yin-Yin was by far the best and sexiest of the angels. The director was wise to chose her as the strongest and most feminine of the angels. The training scene where the angels prove their ferocity to their supervisors is great. The clumsy male attackers who fight the angels are clearly no match for the leggy babes who show their superior fighting skills. Shaw Yin-Yin's character (Liu Ping) is the best. She easily bests two male attackers in hand-to-hand combat. The director does a nice close-up of Liu Ping's leg as she kicks one man in the chest and procedes to deliver a punch to the gut. The close-up of her hands fighting off her other male attacker was also a great touch. The best part, though, is when she defeats her two attackers (armed with knives) by using one of her sexy shoes. She delivers two swift blows to one attacker. One blow to his calf and another crushing blow to his back. She procedes to simultaneously fence off both guys then punch them (simultaneously over the edge of the figthing plane) With one man she uses her fist, and with the other, she uses her shoe. (Nice touch!) After defeating her opponents, Liu ping turns her lethal shoe into a sling-shot weapon using explosive earings. The director gives a nice close-up of her face (Nice touch!) while she slings a couple of explosive eaings past her opponents who (luckily for them) dodge the explosives as they blow up a shed behind them.