Stoner (1974)
Reviewed by: student on 2000-01-11
Stoner was an okay movie. The really best part is at the end when Angela Mao beats the crap out of the bad guy in a grueling hand-to hand combat which lasts over 10 minutes. Angela displays her athletic prowess with a variety of kicks and chops. Including a nice drop kick with both feet, a kick to the side of the face just to new a couple. The best is when she catches an explosive thrown by the villain and throws it back at him. With deadly accuracy, Angela kicks the bad guy in the stomach and delivers a crushing kick to the left temple rendering the bad guy vanquished. But, Angela makes sure he is finished and delivers a flying kick to the chest area, sending the burning villain flying through a wooden partition. Just as a precaution, Angela runs around to make sure the villain is finished (lucky for him he is!) My only cmplaint about this whole fighting secuence is that the lighting was too dark and it gets hard to see the fighting.