The Beauty's Evil Roses (1992)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-01-14
Summary: WEIRD !
A sort-of cheapie take on Magic Cop, mostly plotless, and REALLY weird. The first half hour jumps (apparently at random) between three or four unrelated sets of characters.
The plot descrip covers less than half of what passes for the storyline. As an exploitation flick, there's not much this film doesn't cover. Numerous topless (and occasionally full frontal) lovely women, faked lesbian sex, leather and bondage, boxing, whipping, vampires, satanic rituals and voodoo, psychedelic swirling, snakes extruding from possessed bodies, and even bra-burning ! There are also gun battles and fu fighting, and the soundtrack is partly from the Vangelis Themes album.

Standout dialogue : "Don't worried. She's still out of her mind now."

Although clearly low-budget, this movie is crammed with stunning and lush colourful images, which is possibly its great strength.
Overall : certainly NOT a classic, but worth a look.
Reviewer Score: 6