The Big Score (1990)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-01-15
Summary: Disappointing and meandering action-comedy
The action wanders all over the place, and is very hard to make sense of. Ching and Soft try to teach each other shooting (Soft is hopeless) and being tricky at cards and mahjong (at which Ching is a dead loss). Ching tries to snare Panther's snooty girlfriend Penny, then invents a new identity for himself : "Sam, from the Chicago Triad".
We also meet Ching's beautiful blind sister Ling, of whom Ching is hilariously protective, and of course Soft tries to chat her up. Ching and Soft manage to win Panther's trust, and he invites them to his private casino, where card sharp Soft takes over.......
The story is sort-of a take on The Sting, with more than a few references to The Killer thrown in. Some bits are quite funny, and the finale is action-packed, but much of the film falls flat, and I kept wondering "what on earth has this to do with anything ?".
For those who can read Chinese, the main actors are credited as they appear. And there's some groovy sub-titles, like "I know you've awared us already". And the subtitles are mostly very hard to read.
Overall : Contains only a few of the ingredients Jing normally uses, and is a mixture which is less than half-baked.
Don't be in too much of a hurry to see it.
Reviewer Score: 3