Bogus Cops (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-01-15
Extremely silly and sometimes funny knockabout buddies/cops flick.
Karl Choi and Ching But Cam are two "bold gendarmes" who keep getting demoted for incompetence. After a brothel raid gone wrong, Rose (Veronica Yip, in yet another brainless bimbo role !) is left in the care of But Cam (yeah, right - in your dreams, Eric !). Their tough Inspector boss berates Karl for his slack attitude, observing that they were classmates. In a cringing scene which no western filmmaker would even dare contemplate, a blood sample taken from Karl is switched with that of a screaming, limp-wristed queen. The doctor quiveringly tells Karl that the test is positive for AIDS (yep, no joke is too tasteless). "Knowing" he is doomed, Karl becomes a fearless thief-catcher, dragging them in by the dozen.
Which is bad news for a gang of thugs and wannabe terrorists. Led by braggard Big Brother, this gang has a serious identity crisis. They change their name every day, to "9 plus the day of the month" gang.
Trying to win over Rose, But Cam takes her to a karaoke, where the audience writhes in pain at her awful voice. However, she wins a weird admirer. When the inevitable showdown between the goodies and the baddies gets under way, Rose proves to be a great fu fighter, and even the lazy But Cam gets swept along in Karl's fearless bravado. This scene is just as silly as the rest of it all, but is greatly enjoyable. Of course, there are cheers for the hero, and he learns he isn't going to die. But will But Cam get Rose at the end .....

Overall : Could have been funnier, but not a bad no-brainer.
Memorable quotes : "She was afraid of pregnant". "I have snoring habbit". "You are still small totato".
Reviewer Score: 5