Mr. Mumble (1996)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-01-15
Summary: Truly awful !
The ingredients for this Michael Chow vehicle seem promising.
Chow plays the title character, a comic action figure much like many of the roles Jackie Chan
plays. He and his tall and bald and very big partner (Eric Kee, who also produced) are
caught drinking and womanizing in a bar when they should be on duty, on their sniper team.
Mumble is fired for incompetence, the gets involved with a pretty young woman on the run
from her triad fiance. The triad pays Mumble to get her to return, but then triad members
start getting bumped off.

Should have been exciting and funny, but the pace is so woefully slow and the direction so
dull that even the few jokes fall totally flat.
Don't be fooled ! Avoid this one.
Reviewer Score: 1