Daughter of Darkness (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-01-16
Summary: A very nasty film
The contrast between Wong's ghoulish stand-up comedian cop and Chung's innocent tortured victim pushed too far would be surreal if it wasn't so sick. There's voyeurism everywhere, gallons of blood, and real slash-horror aplenty.

There are a few good points, though they are vastly overshadowed by the bad. Lily Chung's performance is serious and completely believable. She is also a very attractive lady, at times resembling either Michelle Lee or Maggie Cheung.

With better scripting and direction, this could have been quite a good rising-star vehicle for her. There are two really beautiful nude scenes in which she has (consenting) sex with boyfriend Kin.

But her other nude scenes all involve either menace or rape by Papa Mak. Ho Ka Kui has a grand time in this role, hamming it up outrageously. Evil laughter aplenty, drinking, screwing his favourite prostitute (another nude lovely worth watching) and offending her so much that she walks out without payment, mean looks and growling, and brutally humiliating Fong.

Come to think of it, this is one of the few HK revenge pics where the perpetrators of horrific acts on a young girl actually cop a decent amount of retribution. As opposed to, say, Queen Of The Underworld, where the punishment is pretty mild.

About the only film I can compare this to (apart from the virtual copy-sequel) is Escape_From_Brothel, which has a bit more sex, about the same amount of voyeurism and marginally less gore.

So, who would want to watch DOD ? Well, if you love sick humour about murder mixed with lots of gore and horrid characters getting what's coming to them, you'll love it. If not, but you want to get a very good look at two great female bodies and can grit your teeth for long periods, you might like it.
Otherwise, avoid like hell !
Reviewer Score: 7