Days of Tomorrow (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-01-16
Summary: Very mixed romantic melodrama
The first half of the film has many flaws. The story is very hard to follow, due to frequent changes of viewpoint, random jumping between past and present, yet still manages to be mostly very dull !
But past the 50 minute mark, things start to make sense, the pace picks up, and there are a number of memorable and highly emotional moments. Andy Lau, like the other actors, seems to warm to his roles as the film proceeds, which contributes much to the power of the second half.
The only consistent aspect of this uneven film is Carrie Ng's excellent acting, and she plays the corrosive but vulnerable Nancy to aching perfection. To anyone who finds romantic tragedy the least bit touching, keep a full box of tissues handy for the penultimate scene - it's absolutely smashing.

Memorable quote : "They had so many argues".
Overall : The second half is highly recommended. To survive the first half, either be patient or use the fast-forward.
Reviewer Score: 8