Devil Girl 18 (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-01-16
God, what a mess ! For eighty-odd minutes, at least six different sets of characters practice unsafe sex, attempt exorcisms, commit serial rape and murder, play out comic domestic dramas and, occasionally, cross paths.

These three "name" actors are giving top billing, but are onscreen very little, and contribute nothing at all to the plot, disorganized as it is.
Also, the leather-clad devil couple spend lots of time having sex and doing some sort of Tai-Chi, and the man in the couple (who wears too much white foundation and heavy lipstick) goes around telling almost everyone "You belong to the extreme of feminine". I was puzzled when he said this to a male character ! Huge bits of this pic go by with no dialogue at all, and it often takes on the look of a badly-made music video, and one which features several Kenny G tracks.
This film is comfortably Cat 3, with quite a lot of sex and nudity but ..... This is one of the few films where I fast- forwarded THROUGH the sex scenes, because they are so *dull* and slow.
Getting towards the end, a Taoist monk pops up, and starts to explain the story. This is about five minutes before The End, and it's too little too late. Having said that, the final scene is pretty good.
It features Philip and May making love on a revolving table while the Taoist chants and people fight the devil couple.
Overall : Parts of this film are of minor interest, but you'll have lost nothing by missing it entirely.
I cannot recommend it.
Reviewer Score: 1