Ghostly Vixen (1990)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-01-18
Summary: Frantic and hilarious !
The only problem with this film is that the lovely Amy disappears for 45 minutes after the stunning opening scene. The large cast do a great job at keeping the loony pace going, but it falls flat sometimes, until Amy as Evil Girl escapes from the mahjong piece and starts wreaking havoc upon HK.

Despite this slight drawback, this film is still easily among the best of lunatic HK madcap farce.
To list all the hilarious scenes and routines would take too long, but my favourites include LuMy and Evil Girl's battle of the tongues, Evil Girl literally taking off her face, and Uncle Foon's daytime TV program advising housewives how to ward off evil spirits.
A definite must-see.
Reviewer Score: 9