Don't Tell My Partner (1997)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-01-21
Summary: Sex soapie/comedy of only minor interest
The nude/sex scenes are not bad, and the one near the end where Keith and Nancy are videotaped is quite beautiful. But there is not nearly enough sex or nudity, and it's very noticeable when there's little else of interest, as is the case here.
The plot description from NEXT reads more like the writer/director's original intentions than the actual result. Nancy reveals late in the film that she has been setting Keith up, but her motivation is never explored or even mentioned. Director Otto Chan would have benefited from passing his script over to someone else to develop a bit more (or a lot more !). There are many hanging threads and quite a bit of waste, and nothing is really resolved by the stupid and "cute" ending.
Overall : watch it only to pass the time.
Reviewer Score: 4