Emotional Girl - Doubt of Distress (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-01-22
Nothing much happens, and takes a long time about it.
If you want heaps of nudity and sex action, don't bother ! Yiu Ching Ching gets naked, but the most you see is her breasts (though very nice they are). Ying Ying has a full nude sex scene, but it's discreet. Julie Lee's couple of scenes are pretty good but too short. Julie's part is a curious one - her character is a pathetic figure of fun, so unlike her usual very-strong characters. I think the story was intended to be gentle and romantic with overlays of soft-sex, but the pace is simply dreary and the story has no focus or tension at all. About the only plus is that this Cat 3 has absolutely no violence.
I cannot recommend it.
Reviewer Score: 2