The Enigma of Love (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-01-22
Seems to follow the successful pairing of the very likeable Jacky and Maggie Cheung in the previous year's True Love.
There are a few annoying and obvious inconsistencies in the story. Maggie Cheung's character is (literally) an arse-kicking tough cop, but she is instantly transformed into a fawning ninny by Jackie's flattering attention, and her character only regains that fire near the end, when her love is threatened. And the change of Lam from well-behaved and respectable police officer to vengeful bully is simply stupid and unacceptable.
Still, this is a mostly very good warm-and-fuzzy romantic comedy, with just enough rough edges to make it interesting. Also, it is much better than the predecessor True Love, because this one allows the wonderful chemistry between the two Cheungs to shine through, and their charm carries much of the picture.
Worth watching.
Reviewer Score: 7