First Strike (1996)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-01-24
Summary: What a mess !
Jackie tries to cover the entire globe with this one, and the utter lack of focus ruins almost any enjoyment of his considerable efforts to produce great stunts. Normally, the lack of any sense in an action story is no problem provided there's action, but this one is so spun-out that you NOTICE how silly it is. And that's bad.
And the Australian scenes are weird to say the least. If he was trying to catch the Down Under audience, he badly missed the mark. As an Australian, I could not believe the stupid caricature of an Aussie accent which the local actors were directed to use. Ugh !
Americans take heed : most of us do NOT speak like this !
And Jackie having not one but two koalas in his hotel room ?! Gimme a break. About the only myth we are spared is kangaroos hopping through Brisbane's main streets. In summary : Even worse than Rumble_In_The_Bronx. Watch it only to complete your Chan list or if there's nothing much else available.
Of course, still better than your average American action film, but of minor interest to a true HK filmlover.
Reviewer Score: 3