A Moment of Romance II (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-01-24
Summary: A definite must-see.
Don't listen to those philistines without romance in their souls ! Captures the spirit of the original AMOR, even improving on it, and there are many parallels with the slightly better Love_And_The_City - the father/son tension, the no-regrets attitude of young lovers, clashes with the law, the lush background music. After happily watching this film for the fourth time, it's still a great show.
Excellent blend of violent motorbiker racing sub-culture and romantic melodrama. Also, as a competitor motorbiker movie, it is far superior to the later Full_Throttle.
Director Benny Chan, to his great credit, takes the title very seriously and fills the screen with romantic moments and memorable images. Sin holding Fu tight as he first rescues her and they ride off together. The moment when their simmering desire is finally released with their first kiss. The competitive taunting between Fu and the mad baldy. The villain forces Fu to drive faster so, with Sin clutching him and saying she's not afraid, he drives very much faster, and they laugh maniacally at the villain's discomfort.

Sin Lin's performance as Sin is spot-on as the frail but strong girl. Aaron plays Fu with stoic cool.
And the support cast is terrific. The pathetic Wiseguy, Fu's best friend minus a foot, betrays his best friend (Fu) to pay off gambling debts then tries to atone.
Anthony Wong as the loopy bald guy who keeps daring Fu to race him. Ho Ka Kui does what he does best, playing the loud-laughing brute crime boss Kui who gets his come-uppance early (this scene is as gory as it is hilarious).
Paul Chu ads just the right touch as Fu's tortured father, and the old guy who plays his retainer is as lovable as he is ancient (he must be about 90 !).

But the feisty old cop Bill (Kwan Hoi San), who pursues Sin to nail Kui's treacherous usurper Bor, steals every scene he's in, and the film is worth watching for him alone. Girls, keep the tissues handy. Guys, cheer Fu as he races to win. And to remain unmoved during the final scene, you'd need a heart of stone.
For anyone who loves a HK movie with its heart firmly on its sleeve, this is a definite must-see.
Reviewer Score: 10