My Heart Is That Eternal Rose (1989)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-01-29
Summary: Excellent and stylish
Very good on a number of fronts.
This is one film (and the only one I've seen !) where Joey Wong proves she really can act, and I cannot recall another film where she looks soooo gorgeous, except perhaps the cringing Reincarnation of Golden Lotus.
In fact, it'd be hard to pick the best performance. It was great to watch two old pros, Ng Man Tat and Kwan Hoi San, trying to out-act each other in their brief scene together.
And Michael Chan plays his godfather character as though he's a stick of dynamite, and you're never quite sure when he'll explode. A chilling performance.
Kenny Bee plays it mostly stiff-upper-lip and macho, but drops the guard at all the right times with Joey.
And Gordon Liu as the sleazy Liu, sporting a wig, is a scream !
Tony Leung's character comes in late and, for awhile, struggles to be relevant to the story, but redeems by the end.
Warning : you are likely to find the presence of two caracters named Cheung confusing ! All the more so because the story see-saws between information which indicates that Chueng (Tony Leung) is or is not related to Uncle Cheung (Kwan Hoi San). For instance, Lap once says to Cheung that "your grandmother is my grandmother". However, she does not mean it literally !
There is frequent use of slow-motion when something's about to happen. A simple device, but very effective.
This is an involving and stylish film A definite must-see.

Reviewer Score: 10