The Imp (1996)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-02-13
Summary: Surprisingly good erotic horror/slasher
The first 70 mins or so alternate between moderately eerie character/plot development and raunchy sex'n'nudity. The short remainder is as gory and cruel as any HK slasher, and is seriously nasty. For instance, a woman is tied up and raped, then killed because she has a perfect pussy (hey, I didn't write the script !). The plot is pretty involved, though it lacks depth, and has shades of Psycho and Dr Lamb.
Pang Dan has never looked lovelier, and even manages to act half-well. She appears nude in several scenes but, like Amy Yip, always keeps the best bits covered (damn !). No worries, the other female actors more than make up for it. Mark Cheng looks totally bored, right up until the last few minutes, even while he has the enviable task of screwing Pang while ensuring that her breasts remain covered by his hands. Mark gets excited only to express anguish at being given a headjob by Jing Hua while tied up. And the luscious-lipped Dick Lau is always fun to watch - he's such a ham !
Overall : Highly erotic with ample and exciting sex'n'skin. Despite being only mildly unsettling in the horror department and the really grisly ending, quite enjoyable.
Reviewer Score: 8