Long Hot Summer (1992)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-02-17
Opens with a pleasant shower scene featuring Yau Yuk Yue, then cuts to an incredibly long and dull striptease with another actress. Unfortunately, this is the scene which sets the standard for the remaining (numerous) sex scenes. They are DULL.
Also, like many films of this ilk, the script was clearly written on the run and with no forethought. It wanders all over the place, with no real central characters, though they are probably Li and Lin, bot of whom are unknown and uncredited actors.
And gawd knows what the wonderful Guk Fung is doing here. He has one scene where all he does is stroll along for 30 seconds wearing sunglasses as he chats, and another where he sits in a chair and say one line !
Lastly, the subs cut out after 25 minutes, and take a further 25 minutes to come back, which doesn't help.
Not worthwhile.

Reviewer Score: 2