When Taekwondo Strikes (1973)
Reviewed by: student on 2000-02-29
Summary: great movie for Angela Mao fans!
This movie is a classic! Angela Mao is clearly the main star in this movie. She proves her femme fatale status by kicking the crap out of a whole bunch of Japanese bad guys.
My favorite scene is Angela's first fighting scene where she is confronted by a group of Japanese thugs in a church. The head thug makes the unfortunate mistake of making a lude comment regarding Chinese women which ignites Angela's fury. After easily knocking out about 7 guys, the head thug makes the mistake of engaging her in combat. Angela kicks him silly and then corners him at the bottom of a stairwell. The head thug is clearly overmatched by Angela. She forces the thug up the stairs until they reach top. She punches him at least four times in the chest and then savagely throughs him down the stairs. Then, Angela jumps down kicks him another three times in the chest, slaps him behind a door, closes the door on him, yanks the bloodied thug to the stair handle and chops him in the back about three times. Then, she knees him in the back and takes his feet out from a kick. And, finally, delivers a bone-crushing foot stomp to his throat. The thug gasps briefly before succumbing to Angela's crushing foot. With action like that who wouldn't see this movie.