Yellow River Fighter (1988)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-03-10
Summary: Warmly recommended
One description jumps out - Eastern Western. Panoramic shots of deserts, guys fighting on galloping horses, smouldering stares, the lead character doing a creditable job at looking like Clint Eastwood, and the hero even rides off into the sunset at the end !
The filming is colourful and the scenery is stunning. Apart from said deserts, there are fight scenes in ice and snow, surging deep rivers and palaces.
There is swordfighting aplenty, and many more dead bodies lying and hanging around (some even arroved to walls) than you'll find even in a proper spaghetti western.
There's even a fair chunk of humour, especially the antics of the hero's pal.
Not quite up to the high standard of Deadend Of Beseigers (made with some of the same people), but worth watching.
Reviewer Score: 8