Women on the Run (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-03-11
Two carefully-posed nude beauties with fists up. A car screeching away. The poster promises much : nudity, sex, action.

It substantially under-delivers. True, there's plenty of violence and gore (this is what earns it the Cat III rating). But for such an in-ya-face movie, the nudity is mostly discreet. The only full frontal is when the younger girl gives someone a well-deserved roundhouse kick to the head just after he screwed her.

Scintillating dialogue : The young girl, when she was just a junior martial arts champion, commenting on her male schoolmates' reaction to her skills : "They were jealousing me". Same girl, as the bikie gang in Vancouver rip off Hung's clothes : "Come and rape ME. I'm a hooker".

Nude/sex scenes : Except for the roundhouse kick in slo-mo (which you'll still need to be quick to see), all other nudity is handled with a discretion which is completely incongruous to the style. Hung clearly enjoyed her brief sex scene with David near the beginning. The other sex scenes are gory and brutal.

Looks : The actresses are lovely. Farini, in particular, is given the full star wardrobe and treatment. She goes through a number of costume and hairstyle changes. This film could well have been a star vehicle for

Problems : Although there's lots of stop-start slam-bang action, it's hard to empathize with the women. Put simply, the filmmakers clearly could not decide whether to make them into classic tough HK gals or weak victims, so they have the women randomly changing between the two. They are
tough when there is really no necessity, and they crumble when they should and need to be tough. And
considering the hell David has put them through, the punishment they mete out to him, though scary, is very inadequate.

Also, the up-in-the-air ending, cleary meant to feed into a sequel, is unsatisfying. This is far from an el cheapo, if only for the fact that half of it was filmed on location in Canada. But if they'd spent less time and money on this aspect and more on better characterization and more nudity, this
so-so gore epic would have been a lot better.
Reviewer Score: 4