Zodiac Killers (1991)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-03-15
I liked this movie, but I can't quite pin down why. The two lead characters are entirely unsympathetic, and the story often changes character focus at random.
However, I found the scenic tour around Tokyo quite charming. I think it was the range and quality of the characterizations which really got me. The gravel-voiced Yasuaki Kurata is always a joy to watch, even in the small role of Ishikawa. And veteran actress Kyoko Kishida manages to be hilarous, pathetic and sympathetic in one brief appearance as the old geisha who is way past her use-by date.
Despite their unlikeable characters, there is an attractive chemistry between Andy Lau and Cherie Chung, and between Lau and his two buddies.
The pacing, like the story, is all over the place. It goes from leisurely character development to screaming domestic drama, back to pleasant scenery, then violent gang-fights and so on. But I found this worked very well.
Overall : a little offbeat, and warmly recommended.
Reviewer Score: 8