Guys in Ghost Hand (1991)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-03-15
Summary: Really awful
I'm a sucker for any movie featuring the gorgeous Tsang Siu Yin. This actress has made very few films and, like Amy Yip, tends to appear on screen for very short times only.
Most unfortunately, this film is no exception. After being the key character in the opening scene (she gets beheaded, but the head says "give me back my body"), she promptly vanishes for most of the rest of the film. Her only other substantial scene is about half-way in, where we see her being raped by the judge who was later to order her execution.
Also, having the wonderful gravel-voiced Guk Fung should have helped. But the great old pro looks completely lost.
The remainder of the cast fare little better.
There are occasional bright moments. For instance, late at night, an unfortunate seller of hot rice dumplings gets the headless corpse as a customer. Corpse "eats" the dumplings by slipping them into her collar.
And the fight scenes near the end are so-so.
But the remainder is SSSSSOOOOO DULL !
Reviewer Score: 2