Gambling Soul (1992)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-03-18
Summary: Very enjoyable nonsense
The first fifteen minutes are not very promising. Ting's silly antics to get around his wife, and get his way, are more irritating than funny. But things pick up rapidly after Ting dies.
There are a couple of good fu fighting scenes, mainly courtesy of Ha Chi Chun. The wonderful old ham Tien Cheng is always a joy to watch, as is the gravel-voiced Guk Fung. But the interplay between Ting and Hau makes this movie stand out. Ghost Ting does his best to help Hau win money off the villains, but is not always successful. For instance, in the final showdown, Pa accepts Hau's challenge to play Show Hand. But Ghost Ting cannot enter the gambling house, because the villains have protected it with a Thunder Mirror (a gold octagon).
However, all ends happily, except for the villains.
Nearly as good as Samo Hung's Gambling Ghost, and possibly a remake of same.
Reviewer Score: 8