High Risk (1995)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2000-04-02
Summary: Big bang for your buck.
Wong Jing's movie from the summer of 1995 is a slam-bang action-adventure. Hong Kong's most prolific filmmaker
working at this time, Wong Jing put together a nifty tale about the bodyguard/stunt double[Jet Li] of a famous HK film star [Jacky Cheung], a dead ringer for Jackie Chan in Bruce Lee's clothing.

Scenes have been lifted from various American made films which have played to big audiences in Hong Kong; for example, SPEED, BLOWN AWAY,
and Renny Harlin's DIE HARD 2 and CLIFFHANGER. In fact, the literal translations of High Risk and Die Hard are very similar. This is the best film I've seen Jet Li in since KUNG FU CULT MASTER. Jacky Cheung fairs very well under action director Corey Yeun Kwai. His take-off of Jackie Chan's and Bruce Lee's martial arts skills is quite
an impressive display.

For my $6 HIGH RISK had more thrills per frame than anything Hollywood put out in the summer of 1995.

Reviewer Score: 10