Last Affair (1983)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-05-24
Summary: Chow and Carol do soft porn.....
Well, that might be over-stating things a little. This is only the second film in which I've seen Chow stark naked (the other was City On Fire), and he gets to bed both the leading ladies.
The other surprise is DoDo. Carol Cheng is given the glamour treatment, and she looks just delicious. Put together with Chow, who is still quite young and strikingly attractive, they make a most appealing couple. Except that the characters seem to spend a fair bit of time at each other's throats.
I didn't like this film. It aspires to be like opera, with it's melodramatic love-triangle story. It's set in Paris, for no reason I can particularly ascertain. It is mostly a dull kitchen sink drama, with a few dramatic high points, including the stunning ending, which is the film's only high point.
Interesting only for the curiousity value of seeing a couple of now-very-famous actors in their younger days, extraordinarily attractive, gettting hot and sweaty and (almost) fully nude.
Reviewer Score: 3